Introduction to SKETCHUP

Learn SketchUp and design your 3D models.

SketchupLab gives you the opportunity to learn the SketchUp software, and to take advantage of all its designing possibilities. With more than 7 years of experience  in SketchUp education, we are trying to transfer to you our knowledge in the best and most direct way. Inside SketchupLab we have created 4 different types of courses, in order to cover all levels of users, and the lessons are “One on One” meetings.

With our help, you will learn to use all the SketchUp tools that will help you design in 3D, and learn new designing techniques, so that you can have better quality in your results.

In every lesson, we focus on the proper learning of the software, but most of all we want you to understand the mentality of SketchUp, and then everything will become a lot more simple!


Educational Levels


Beginner: 9 hours 6 meetings

This level is focusing on the familiarisation of the user with the SketchUp environment, and the learning of basic design tools for proper 2D and 3D designs.



Intermediate: 9 hours 6 meetings

This level includes the learning of tools and techniques, for more advanced and fast modelling. Presentation of Architectural and construction designs with the use of LayOut software.



Advanced: 6 hours 4 meetings

In this level you will be introduced to some extra tools (plugins) of SketchUp, and you will learn about their abilities and how to use them. Through application examples you will be able to take modelling to a higher level.



Hourly: 2 hours 1 meeting

For those who already know how to use SketchUp, but still have some questions, we have Hourly section. A 2 hour meeting, so that we can solve all your problems and any technical issues that you may be facing.