Project by : Sofia Lymperopoulou

The former Greek factory of Chemical products and Fertilizers LTD (ΑΕΕΧΠΛ), is located in a coastal area, between a “Breakwater” (Krakari), and the “Sfageia” bay, inside the industrial zone of Drapetsona, in Piraeus. This thesis, is presenting the reuse of this abandoned factory, by intervening in the interior spaces, on the facade, but also in the surrounding area of it, by proposing new functions and constructions.The proposal is to create a contemporary commercial park, a modern fish market. Inside this building, visitors can find exhibition spaces, food courts, food markets, and spaces of entertainment, culture and interaction. Furthermore the surrounding space will be rejuvenated, with the construction of a new “promenade” bridge, and a water canal created alongside it, where visitors will be able to walk around and enjoy the surrounding landscape from the highest point of the building, as well as the unique view of the sea. On the right side of the building, a playground is created, for kids of younger and older ages to play, on both sides of the building there will be benches on different heights, with rows of trees alongside the building in order to set the limits of the area. In the southwest side of the site, by the coast, there will be a viewpoint, where visitors can relax with a view of the sea, and it is also the connecting point between the building and the sea. Other auxiliary spaces will be created, like a parking area for visitors to park their car and buses with groups, pavements, bike lanes and storage spaces, with the proper lighting and marking, in order to support the new and complex building program that is being proposed.

Piraeus has always been the main port of Athens. Its strategic position, made Piraeus one of the biggest ports of the Mediterranean. In early years, the area around Piraeus, and mainly around the port, combined industrial, storage and residential buildings, for people that were coming to the city from the Greek islands. This mixed use, created a very interesting multicultural environment, which is now imprinted as a trace in the different buildings that were supporting the function of the port. The factory of chemicals and fertilizers, is located on the west side of the main port of Piraeus, and its position is a result of that concentration around the port, and also for the loading and unloading of the chemicals from the ships. Until today, the city’s fish market, is located in the area, and it is the most important financial breath of the locals, since every other industrial unit, and factory, have been abandoned. The area of Drapetsona, despite its strategic position, it is considered to be a very degraded and unexploited are. The proposal of reuse, is basically a proposal to resurrect the industrial are and the fish market. It will be a commercial park of modern standards, that will attract not only the locals, but also new visitors, based on the dynamic of the port. At the same time, a building like this will initiate the development of a unique industrial park, that will help upgrade the whole area.

By examining the urban layout of the city, and then the industrial building, the characteristics of the new use occur, since the whole intervention, works in a period of time, giving to the locals a forgotten building, and many more new experiences. The new way of life serves contemporary needs, while upgrading the structure and the whole area at the same time. A building-symbol, comes alive and brings back memories of the past in a modern version. Source of inspiration, the past. It contributes to the dynamic design of the “promenade”. The building will gain a new symbol, that will give to it a new character and identity, by using the location, the building and the landscape. The design extends to a smaller scale, with a rational development, and an industrial character throughout the design and the sign marks.


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