Pavillion proposal for Keranis Campus


Project by: Maria Kaldi

The building of the former tobacco industry “Keranis” is located in Piraeus. It is proposed to operate as a branch of the University of Piraeus in the context of adaptive reuse. Embedded in the urban fabric, this building is a large-scale structure which incorporates modern style and art deco influence while the grid on façade is its main feature.
Intervention in outdoor space was chosen mainly because of the deficiencies of the existing intervention but also because of the favorable weather conditions that allow interaction with outdoor space.

Hexagonal shape was chosen as a reference point and resulted from the analysis of social characteristics and the comparison between university and factory. Morphologically, hexagonal shapes refer to the main building of the University of Piraeus and is another form of grid connected to the Keranis building.

Architectural manipulations resulting from this analysis are the following:
▪ Compensation of the large scale of the building by constructing a partly buried structure in outdoor space

▪ Construction of an open-air amphitheater as it is the most important space of the university as well as a multi-purpose space (lectures, relaxation, events)

▪ Construction of a library to preserve and enhance knowledge

▪ Deconstruction of hexagonal shape associated with ground engravings based on three landmarks (the port of Piraeus, the
University of Piraeus, the Acropolis)

▪ Construction of a central courtyard that functions as a relaxation space

▪ Corten steel structure that is harmonious with the existing building while emphasis is given to industrial style



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