One of the functions that is missing from the SketchUp tools, is the «Fillet». The «Fillet» function, in every other 3D design software, can turn the corners of a surface, into curves or arcs. In SketchUp, this can be done, with the simple way that we are about to see. After all, like we’ve said before, SketchUp is a software that is «doing the thinking for us».

First of all, we select the «2 Point Arc» tool, in order to draw a curve on the first corner of our rectangle shape. We need to draw a simple rectangle shape before that. It is important, that our rectangle shape is not in a group.

We choose to left-click once, on the left vertical edge of the rectangle, and then we notice that a blue curve appears. Then, we place our cursor on the horizontal edge, roughly at the same distance from the corner.

By moving the cursor along the horizontal edge, we will notice that sometimes, the curve turns from blue to pink color. This means that the distances from the corner on each edge, are exactly the same. Once the curve turns pink, we double-click.

And it’s done! The corner of our rectangle shape has turned into a round corner.

But the function is not over yet. SketchUp, saves in its memory the dimensions and the points of the first curve so that we can use them for the rest of the corners. So, we move to the top right corner of our rectangle, and we double-click inside the shape. Instantly, we see that this corner has turned into a round corner too, with the exact same dimensions.

Then we go on and do the exact same thing for the other two corners of our rectangle.

The function is now over, with every corner turned into a round corner, with the same dimensions and radius.

To conclude, our shape with the round corners, works properly, like a regular SketchUp surface, and we can use on it any tool we want, without any problem. In SketchUp, there is every possible way to design anything we want. The only thing that changes, for the benefit of the user, is the mentality.


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