Project by : Petros Partalidis

The building of the former tobacco industry “Keranis” is located in the area of Piraeus, on Athinon Street, right by the railway that leads to the port. In this project, is suggested the reuse of this building,but also of the surrounding area, by adding new uses and new constructions.

The proposal is to create a new and fully equipped campus, functioning as a secondary building to the University of Piraeus, with many classrooms, accommodation for the students, a big auditorium on the ground floor, and other spaces of entertainment, civilization, culture, relaxation and interaction. The surrounding area will be rejuvenated, by creating an open space with a lot of greenery, uneven concrete benches, with the presence of the element of water as well. The purpose is to create a space of relaxation and interaction for the students and the other visitors of the campus.

The size of the building is quite big, with seven floors, about 2.300 square feet each floor, with a rectangular shape. Very interesting geometrical patterns are found on a big surface of the facades. Inside the building there are old staircases, with beautiful details and materials of the era it was built. The structure allows many and flexible interventions in order to create a complex building program, but also some stronger interventions of opening atriums inside the building.
The city of Piraeus has university facilities, but with limited spaces, as the number of students is quite large. For that reason, the “Keranis” campus will be able to host not only teaching spaces but also accommodation for its students. The modern perception of spaces like this, means that it is vital to create additional functions of civilization, entertainment, recreation and interaction.

The purpose of this project, is to take advantage of the location, but also the size of this building, in order to benefit the students of the University of Piraeus, and create for them a fully equipped and modern campus, but also a unique cultural center, and multiplex of entertainment, interaction, communication, civilization and education.In many spaces inside and outside of the building, oxidized steel (Corten) is being used extensively, as the main material of the concept. The reason for that is that the color of this steel, is quite similar to the color of tobacco, and is the connecting link between the old and the new use of the building. It is especially found on the new construction with the exterior new double staircase, on the north side of the building.



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