First of all, we create an Autocad file with the floor plan we want to import in Sketchup and save it. In some occasions, we might need to save the Autocad file in an older version of Autocad, in order to be compatible with the version of Sketchup that we are using. At this point, I should tell you, that when we import the Autocad file into Sketchup, we will not be able to see the hatches and the dimensions that we might have used in Autocad.

So now, we open up Sketchup, we click on File-> and then click on the option Import. A new window will pop-up, and it is very important that we click on Options, in order to set the correct settings for the floor plan we are about to import.

Now, we tick the two buttons in the Geometry window, and underneath we set the most important of all, the units we are going to use in our file. In this case, I choose meters and click on Ok.

Then, another window will pop-up, that will contain some information about the file we just imported, like from how many lines it consists of, and other details like that. We close this window, and we continue with our design.

By now, we have imported the file that we wanted, and we are almost ready to start designing. There is one last thing that we need to do, in order to be sure that the floor plan we are about to use, is in the right scale.

With the «Tape Measure» tool (hotkey -> t), we measure a dimension that we know exactly how much it is so that we are certain that we do not need to scale the floor plan, and we are ready to begin.


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