Project by : Vaggelis Kanelis

The target of this project is to study a certain area by taking into consideration its’ urban planning. In this occasion the area of Gazi is the one being studied, and how the entire capital’s planning, affected the urban planning of the specific area, but also how the area’s planning, played a significant role in the urban development of Athens. This is the strategy that was followed : Study of historical data, exploration of Gazi in order to “read” the area for the first time, extended documentation of the data that were collected, mapping of the area, focus on certain buildings in the area. Afterwards, the research was more concentrated on two blocks located on Pireos and Petrou Ralli street, where the project will take place. The goal of this project was to unify the two blocks with either a food or a flower market.

The first proposal was to connect the two main building complexes with a bridge. But this solution was not helpful for the use of the market, and it did not fit, as a construction, to the character of the Gazi area. The final proposal, on which the whole project was finally based, came straight from the logo. By deconstructing the logo, a source of light was added on the sidewalks, that during the night, it would create a very elegant connection between the two blocks. Moreover, the deconstructed logo, also was the inspiration in order to create benches and the general design of a park. Another element that assisted the unification, was the construction of a roof, with simple design, that would connect the whole complex.






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